Oral History Project

The Gamma Lambda Oral History Project will record and capture interviews with members and close contacts of the fraternity as way to preserve the history of the chapter for future generations. Each participant will be asked to sit for a 30-60 minute interview. These interviews will be edited and transcribed for use in upcoming video and history-related projects.

We are also seeking chapter historical documents for this project – photos, event programs, newsletters, etc. If you have any documents to contribute, please visit the Photo/Video Upload page or contact the chapter historian.

How to Participate

If you would like to be interviewed or can suggest a brother or friend of the chapter to be interviewed, please contact the History Committee. If you are ready to be interviewed, please use the calendar below to book an appointment. You will be contacted by phone prior to your interview date to discuss the interview process and the questions we plan to ask. We will also use this pre-interview to identify topics unique to your experience and background.

Where will the interviews take place?

Most interviews will be conducted in the Historic Alpha House at 293 Eliot St in Detroit. This location will give the video team better control of sound and lighting. We also plan to conduct interviews on some days in a suburban location, and some can be scheduled in the home of the interview subject.

Book an Appointment (Coming Soon)