Bro. Alburn H. Elvin, Jr, Esq is Running for Oak Park School Board

Bro. Alburn H. Elvin, Jr, Esq is Running for Oak Park School Board

August 15, 2020 Chapter News 0

Recently, Bro. General President Everett Ward issued a challenge for the Brothers of Alpha to become more involved in politics by taking up the mantle of leadership in locally elected positions. In other words, instead of waiting for our elected officials to do right by us, we were challenged to run for positions like city council, school board and others where we can have a seat at the table where decisions are made and dollars are allocated.
In heeding this call, I’ve decided to run for Oak Park school board in the November 3 general election. As I take this journey, I ask for your prayers, and I also ask you to pray for Bro. Donald Walker, who is also running for school board in Farmington Hills. If you’re also running for office please let us know. Several brothers have asked how they may be able to assist me. I’ll be in touch in the coming days to provide methods for brothers to assist.
In the meantime, please know, regardless of the election outcome, I’ll continue to serve our great chapter with due care, tenacity and with the utmost attention to the requirements set forth in the Gamma Lambda constitution and bylaws. Thanks so much!

Al Elvin
49th President 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 
Gamma Lambda Chapter

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Brian Williams (Admin): Brother Williams, was initiated into Gamma Lambda Chapter in the Fall of 2008. He serves as the Chapter Historian. Brother Williams has a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a M.Ed in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University.


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